We make health and wellness services affordable and accessible to employers of all sizes

Magenta Wellness brings predictability and cost savings to our clients via a carefully curated network of clinics and merchants

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Our Services

Magenta Wellness provides employers with the best wellness benefits in town!

Work Pass Check-Up Services

An exclusive platform for Work Permit, S-Pass, Employment Pass and other Occupational Health check-ups across the largest network of screening centres in Singapore and Yangon

Out-Patient Care Package

Magenta's out-patient packages covers your employees consultation and medication at one price. We bring predictability and cost savings to your company. Speak with us to find out more

Work Injury Case Management

We provides the widest panel of work injury clinics around Singapore. Our doctors are able to manage minor surgical procedures at their clinics, saving companies thousands on their medical bills.


Let us manage all your vaccination needs. From flu vaccines to COVID-19 vaccines, our team will be able to make all the arrangements for you.

Executive Health Screening

Let us handle your corporate health screening program. From onsite health screening packages to premium health screening options, we will have a solution to meet your needs.

Covid Testing

We provide solutions for PCR Swab test for companies, pre-departure serology + PCR testing, Antigen Rapid Test for events, etc. Speak with one of our consultants to find out more!

Real-time Information and Cost Control

Our impressive array of cutting-edge tools allows HR to effortlessly keep track of real-time expenditures as it happens and manage the cost of employee benefits.

  • Real-time employee clinic visit records
  • Set benefit limits for employees
  • Cost and consumption charts to keep you ontop of your corporate benefits
  • Pay-If-Used model, that only charges for actual consumption of products or benefits purchased.

Joining our platform is absolutely free. With no contract period, organisations enjoy the benefits with no hidden terms or cost.

Work Injury Case Management

Rest assured that in an event of a work injury, Magenta will take care of all the details to get your employee treated and recovered.

Magenta has a panel of doctors that are capable of managing minor to moderate work injury related injuries. These typically include injuries that such as lacerations, foreign body in the eye, minor fractures, drainage of abscesses and wound management.

Should your employee require specialist treatment for their injuries, employers will be given options from our wellness consultants on the next course of treatment and estimated cost.

Employment Medical Check-up Reports Online

We understand that time is money. Magenta makes it convenient for employers to receive their employees' work pass or pre-employment medical check-up reports via our platform

  • Work Permit medical check-up
  • S-Pass and Employment Pass check-up
  • Occupational healthcheck (e.g. audiometry, mercury, lead, malaria parasite)
  • Pre-employment medical check-up (re-hiring, new employees, etc.)

Vaccination and Infectious Disease Testing Services

Magenta Wellness is experienced in helping companies manage their vaccination needs for both Singapore and Yangon.

Vaccination and Testing are the most effective ways to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases. Vaccinating protects people in your community by helping to reduce the spread of diseases, if enough people are vaccinated we are able to reduce or stop the rate of infection.

  • Influenza Vaccination
  • COVID-19 Vaccination (subject to availability)
  • COVID-19 Testing, PCR Testing, Pre-departure Testing, Serology Testing, Antigen Testing
  • Hepatitis A and B Vaccination

24/7 Tele-consultation

Tele-consultation brings time and cost savings to patients by making general or regular health consultations easily accessible from the safety and convenience of home.

  • Routine consultation and refill for chronic illnesses
  • General medical consultation
  • Medication delivery to your door-step or self pick-up from clinic
  • 24/7 access to registered doctors in Singapore and Yangon


Here's what our clients and merchants have been saying about us.

A Major Restaurant Chain

Ceo & Founder

I am so thankful to the wellness team. They have always gone the extra mile to ensure the health and well-being of our employees are well taken care of, all this while keeping our cost low.

Oil & Gas Engingeering Firm

HR Director

I was a little skeptical at first, but the Magenta system has saved us over 25% of our out-patient cost in 2019! I highly recommend their services!

HDB Construction Company

Business Owner

I have left my company's work injury management entirely to the wellness team. Their injury response team is efficient and my employees are usually directed to a treatment centre within minutes.

Dr Loh

Clinic Owner

Magenta has simplified the entire claims processing for clinics. Claims are submitted via two simple steps saving us hours every month by removing redundant processes.

Precision Engineering Firm

Chief Operating Officer

I wish this was available when i first started my businesses! Its total cost savings for us! Any SME should consider coming onboard their platform!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about our services.
We recommend that you chat with one of our experienced wellness consultants to walk you through our services personally.
Nothing beats a personal touch and a phone call.

  • Is there really no contract period?

    Yes! Companies are currently free to enjoy the cost benefits of being a member on our platform, with no sign-up fees, hidden fees or contract periods.

  • No. There is no minimum headcount to enroll your organisation and employees onto our platform. We service companies of all size! Whether you are a one man business or have employees in the thousands, you'll get the same value and benefits via our platform.

  • Clients never pay for anything unless a service was consumed. This means that even if vouchers were generated to use our services, nothing is paid by an employer unless the service is utilised.

  • We generate an invoice at the end of the month. The invoice will include all services that were consumed by the Company and your Employees for the entire month.

  • We aim to provide the best possible rates in the market and not the cheapest in the market at any one time. We are pretty sure that our rates remain hard to beat.

    We are able to provide these rates to our members through collective barganing power and offering our partners the volume of transactions that keeps everyone happy!


Whether you are an employer or merchant, feel free to drop us an email or call to find out more about how we can help benefit your organisation.


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